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About us

Creator of an exceptional product, Prestige Panel is committed to developing a product of superior quality in order to simplify its use for its customers. Prestige Panel aims to be an innovative company in the construction sector. The expertise acquired over the years allows us to offer you a product at the cutting edge of new technology in the field of construction.


Founded in September 2005, Prestige Panel Solution inc. wants to be an innovative company in the construction sector. With energy efficient and innovative products, Prestige Panel Solution inc. wants to revolutionize the way of building in the years to come. Following an approach that favors energy efficiency and technological innovation, Prestige Panel Solution inc. makes every effort to meet the needs of the present and future generations.


Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, cutting-edge products and services while always keeping energy efficiency a priority.

Our leadership is based on innovation and the exceptional nature of our products in terms of energy efficiency and performance. Our demands are high. We define excellence and we deliver on our commitments.

Partners and certification

The technical data presented come from several laboratory tests carried out to obtain the following certifications:


Independent global center for testing, inspection and certification. Recognized in Canada and the United States.


Certification of a property by Natural Resource of Canada

The use of Prestige Panel SIPs promotes compliance with standards to obtain R-2000 certification.

Net Zéro

Net Zero Energy Home

The superior energy efficiency of the Prestige Panel SIPs combined with the technical approach of CANMET ENERGIE contributes to the construction of NET ZERO properties


Houses with very low energy consumption and ideally compensated by solar gains and internal gains.

The use of Prestige Panel SIPs respects the basic principles of Passivhaus certification.


Association of manufacturers of modular buildings in Quebec. Represents the economic and technical interests of its members.


Bureau de promotion des produits du bois du Québec develops markets overseas and in the Americas in partnership with their members.


Quebec association representing hardware stores and their supply chain. Providing support, training and advice to their members.


Bringing together 18,000 contractors and partners in residential construction and renovation